Hey guys!  So, I hope you all have had a lovely week!  For today’s post, I am doing something kind of different- telling you all about my favorite apps!  This is something that I have wanted to do for a while because I think it’s just so fun to discover new apps (especially when they are free), and I have some good ones you all might like.  Also, please, please comment and let me know any of your favorite apps, too!  Let’s get to it!

Harry Potter:  Hogwarts Mystery

I’ve had this one ever since it came out earlier this year, and I just love it!  It is free, though it does include in-app purchases, but they are not necessary.  Anyone who is a fan of the books or movies would really like it, but is also great for those who haven’t read/ seen all of or any of the series.  I do have to admit, it is a little slow at the beginningm but just stick with it, it really picks up.  AND, you may run into a few familiar faces along the way…


This one is a free multiplayer game (each person must have the app downloaded onto their device).  Basically, one person will start a game, and everyone joins using a code provided.  Once the game begins, each person will see on their screen a location and occupation.  BUT, one person’s occupation is “Spy,” and they do not know the location.  Everyone takes it in turns to ask one other person a question about either their job or the location, and the goal is to try to figure out who the spy is.  If you are the spy, you have to try to pay attention and figure out what the location is, and if someone accuses you, guess it right.  This is just one of those cool games that you could play for ten minutes or hours, and would be perfect for a car ride where it’s harder to play a card or boardgame.  The game does require wifi or data, so just keep that in mind.  But anyway, I just think this is the perfect game for the summer, and great for younger kids or adults!

Crossword Quiz+

This is a free crossword quiz app (in-app purchases are available, but not needed).  I like to play these a lot when I’m travelling.  It’s fun and relaxing, but also requires you to think, which for me makes me not get bored of it.  There are a bunch of different categories to choose from, too, and really just is a lot of fun!


I had heard about Headspace for quite some time before I got it, but now that I have it, I love it!  It is free to download the app, but you can subscribe for about $12 a year, which I did end up doing so I could access more packs.  It is basically a meditation app, and has lots of different topics and lengths to meditate for.  You can follow a pack, which is usually a ten day or thirty day series, or just do single meditations.  There are also helpful animations for those who are new to meditating and for those who want to learn more.  I really enjoy doing this app because it makes it so easy to take some time to stop and do nothing, and to just relax.


I of course had to mention the WordPress app!  I really love the WordPress app because it allows me to keep track of my blog on my phone, which is especially helpful for things like scheduling posts and replying to comments.  And, I love just going through and reading other people’s blog posts on my phone, whether I’m at home or out travelling.  You can also write blog posts on the app, but I personally don’t do this just because I prefer to type on a bigger screen.

So, there you have it, those are some of the apps I have been loving recently.  I really hope you enjoyed reading and again let me know your favorite apps and which app you liked the best in this post!  Thanks for reading!

Xx Grace