Hey guys! I hope you all have had a LOVELY week!  Now I know it is not officially Summer yet, but for many of us, it is Summer vacation, which is quite exciting!  Whether you are on break or not, I hope you have a great Summer, whatever you do!  I have some exciting plans coming up in a few weeks, which you will be hearing about soon…

Anyway, Summer is such an interesting and beautiful time of year, but with the heat and humidity, it can be hard to have yourself looking your best.  So, I have compiled a list of items I use that really help to make sure you still can feel your best in the Summer months!  I hope you enjoy!


Skincare is super important in the Summer, most importantly trying to avoid getting a sunburn.  Here is what I would recommend to keep your skin glowing (and not burning) over the next few months:

  • Sunscreen: SO obvious, but so important.  I don’t have a certain brand that I prefer over another, but with my complexion I always go for at least 50 SPF.  But, depending on how long you are outside and how tan you would like to get, pick the SPF that fits your skin the best!
  • Shower Jelly: If your skin does get a little bit red in the sun, I would definitely recommend Bath and Body Works Shower Jelly, my personal favorite in the scent Waikiki Beach Coconut.  It feels so nice on the skin, and smells so good!
  • Lotion and Moisturizer:  it is obviously important to moisurize all year, but I find it is especially useful in Summer when I get a little too red (and in Winter, too, when my skin feels super dry, but that’ll be for another post).  Again, Bath and Body Works products work really well and smell amazing, my personal favorite at the moment being, you guessed it, the Body Cream in Waikiki Beach Coconut (which I couldn’t find on the website, so I linked a similar product).  But, if your skin is more sensitive, an unscented lotion for sensitive skin is probably a better option- I’ve used Curel lotions before and found they work really well.  We’re not done yet, though, because we can’t forget about the face!  I am currently using a Mary Kay moisturizer, which I love, but just find one that suits your skin and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft!


  • Concealer:  In the Summer months, I basically ditch foundation,  For me, it just feels too heavy on my face, and I don’t want it to drip off in the heat.  So instead, I focus on using my concealer to cover up under my eyes and any spots I have, then just letting the rest of my skin breath.  I personally prefer a liquid concealer (although pictured above is a stick concealer), two great affordable options being the L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer and the NYX Professional Makeup HD Concealer Wand.
  • Because I do less to my face and eyes in the Summer, I find that is even more important to have my eyebrows look good.  I have talked about this product before, but I HAVE to mention the NYX Professional Makeup Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Promade– this product and my concealer have basically been my natural makeup routine recently!  I just apply it with a little brush and it looks very natural, and is really easy to use to fill in and create the perfect brow shape.


  • Sunglasses: Again, obvious, but they are a necessity in the Summer.  For the obvious reason, sunglasses are great because they protect your eyes against the Sun, but not only that, are a really fun accesory that can complete an outfit, and for me, a way to cover up I havent put on any eye makeup that day (another reason I can get away with this in the Summer, lol) .  But, yeah, I have a few different pairs of sunglasses htat I got for a great price at Five Below and Kohl’s.
  • Earbuds:  This one may seem a bit different, but bear with me.  I am the type of person who loves listening to music, podcasts, watching Youtube videos, etc., BUT when I do, I NEVER play them out loud, which I think is quite common, and obvious in public settings.  But to be quite honest, in the Summer, I do NOT want to wear headphones that are going to make my head and ears even hotter, so by using earbuds, I don’t have to worry about this.  They are also easier to pack than big, bulky headphones if you are traveling this Summer!

So, those are my Summer Must-Haves- I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know which products were your favorites and any other Must-Haves that you think I need to try!  Have a great week!

Xx Grace